NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group to Showcase Electrical Products from Brainin and Polymet Business Units at IEEE PES T&D 2016

Exhibiting World-Class Machined Metal Parts, Stamping and Assembly Capabilities and Additive Manufacturing Technology during IEEE Power and Energy Society’s Transmission and Distribution Conference  WHO:                   NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group (PEP) is a global manufacturer of precision engineered, customized solutions for energy management. NN’s Electrical Products division will showcase its capabilities in clad metals, electrical contacts, electrical contact tape, molded plastic parts, plated parts, precision metal and strip stamping, thermostat metal parts, and brazed and welded assembles. WHAT:                 IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Conference and Exposition, the largest and most comprehensive show in the […]

Powder Metal Electrical Contact Emergency

PEP steps up to the challenge of delivering powder metal electrical contacts needed to keep new customer’s production lines running. When their powder metal electrical contact supplier suddenly went out of business, an OEM of custom electronic power products only had enough custom manufactured contacts on hand to keep production going for a limited number of weeks. Precision Engineered Products stepped up to the challenge, putting the customer’s requirements on a fast track to keep their production on schedule. Refractory (i.e. powder metal) contacts are highly customized products. So a great deal of work is required to establish the specific blend […]

Stainless Solar Cable Management Clips

Resolve Installation and Longevity Issues Homeowners, institutions, and building managers have been installing solar panels in steadily growing numbers to reduce energy costs. There is no end in sight to this boom. Now that the first generations of these products has been in the field for many years, OEMs and installers are looking for better solutions to long-term product viability and installation efficiency. One of the primary targets for this improvement process is the old standby cable tie. Ties are an inexpensive, one size fits all, solution to cable management. Through exposure to heat, sun and thermal cycling they are […]

Solar Power International

Stainless Cable Management Clips and Powder Metal Contacts Featured at Precision Engineered Products (PEP) Booth 7414 Visitors to PEP’s SPI booth 7414 will get a close up look at custom manufactured PEP products engineered to solve problems encountered in solar panel manufacturing, installation and power management. In addition they may qualify for an all expenses paid trip to PEP’s Bridgeport facility. Stainless Cable Management Clips: PEP’s cost-effective stainless cable management clips are easier to install, provide better support and protection and are longer lasting than conventional plastic cable ties, even in the face of prolonged exposer to heat, cold and […]

Scaling Up From Zero To Hundreds of Millions

In 2013, Precision Engineered Products began working with an OEM that had designed an exceptional multi-part drug delivery device with significant market potential. Their requirement was for precision, micro-molded and stamped components manufacturing that could be scaled rapidly in tandem to meet the anticipated demands. Manufacturing processes were developed for several complex stamped components, molded parts and ultra precision micro molded components. These all had to be assembled efficiently and perform in a coordinated fashion to enhance the structural integrity and performance of the device. The five metal stampings incorporated into this device were geometrically complex and had to be […]

BioMedDevice Boston 2015

Join Our Timely Conversations at BIOMEDevice Boston and Maybe Win an Apple Watch! Visit PEP At Booth Number 906 Boston Convention & Exhibit Center May 6-7, 2015 We’d like to hear your opinion on a number of issues at this year’s BIOMEDevice Boston. As conversation starters, we’ve put together some white papers dealing with: -3D printing and how it’s being used to transform medical device manufacturing. -Getting to Market Faster— approaches PEP has taken to scale up from zero to hundreds of millions of components in record time. -Why good drug delivery components don’t always fit and what you can […]

Making the switch: A power distribution customer gets more than they asked for

Our customer was initially attracted to PEP Brainin by our electrical contacts expertise, only to discover that we can provide one-stop implementation of several other related capabilities including stamping, overmolding, assembly and production automation. They got a switch solution that was better – and lower cost – of the off-the-shelf product they had considered using. Learn how Brainin customers are Making the Switch.

Get to know the two sides of Brainin

Whether you’re in the business of high-voltage switches or wearable medical monitoring devices, you can count on both sides of our business: Precision metal stampings and electrical contacts. Learn more about the two sides of Brainin.

Brainin burst pressure discs: Certifying the worst two things that could happen won’t

Burst pressure discs are used in triggering apparatus such as fire extinguishing systems, airline drop-down respiratory masks, and automotive air bags. What happens when the disc fails to burst at the designed rupture pressure – or bursts before the correct pressure has been reached? Safety is compromised. Learn about Brainin’s rigorous processes to ensure burst pressure discs perform as intended.