Electronics and Communications Solutions

photo_electronics-communcations-solutionsBrainin produces a range of critical electronic components.

These include loose piece and reel-to-reel high speed stampings and leadframes for applications including ceramic capacitors, DIP switches, subminiature connectors, electronic packages and more.

Brainin’s fabricated electronic components also include low cost, high-tech CuW and CuMoCu heat sinks and flanges.

Brainin manufactures brackets, enclosures, shielding and other metal components for printers, computers and other equipment. In addition, we supply BX cable connectors for power transmission and motor housings for a number of major appliance applications.

For demanding photonic and wireless communications applications, Brainin produces cost-effective copper-tungsten heat sinks and spreaders. Both of these press, sinter, infiltrate and press, sinter, repress to meet stringent thermal conductivity and expansion requirements. Copper-molybdenum-copper triclad flanges are available in a variety of ratios.