Transportation Solutions

When it comes to transportation, precision and quality are critical. That’s why the transportation industry relies on Brainin engineered metal stampings, electrical contacts, and assemblies.auto air bag diffuser sm

In fact, Brainin is the world leading manufacturer of hybrid airbag burst disks and auxiliary components for airbag inflators and modules. Brainin disks are also vital components of pressurized vessels for a variety of applications, providing a high level of safety for people and equipment. Our highly-developed processes produce burst disks that are performance-centered to improve reliability and conformance.

All production lots are tested according to CGA, automotive, military or other customer-specified standards.

Brainin also supplies heavy-duty precision metal stampings for sound components, speaker frames, terminals and other automotive applications.automotive air bag bracket sm

Parts may be built using full automation or, depending on volume requirements, semi-automation.

If you have a large volume of assembled metal stamped parts that need to stand up to heavy forces, Brainin’s robotic MIG welding might the right solution: It produces mechanically strong joints for large part assembly, with consistent quality over thousands of parts.

Finished assemblies can be packaged and labeled to your specifications and made ready for shipment to your customer.

View Brainin’s TS 16949 certifications.automotive brake pedal sm