Powder Metal Electrical Contact Emergency

PEP steps up to the challenge of delivering powder metal electrical contacts needed to keep new customer’s production lines running.

Powder Metal Contacts

Powder Metal Contacts: “Applications include circuit breakers, transfer switches, power distribution and other high-energy devices.

When their powder metal electrical contact supplier suddenly went out of business, an OEM of custom electronic power products only had enough custom manufactured contacts on hand to keep production going for a limited number of weeks. Precision Engineered Products stepped up to the challenge, putting the customer’s requirements on a fast track to keep their production on schedule.

Refractory (i.e. powder metal) contacts are highly customized products. So a great deal of work is required to establish the specific blend constituents, tooling and sintering process parameters and to test the products to ensure they consistently meet the customer’s quality standards. As a result of PEP’s core powder metal electrical contact manufacturing competencies in tooling, blending, sintering process development and testing, along with frequent interchanges with the customer’s engineering group, it was possible to trim two weeks off of a typical 6-8 week lead time. This allowed the customer to meet its delivery commitments.

PEP silver-tungsten, silver-tungsten carbide, copper-tungsten and other powder metal electrical contacts are produced with strict quality controls at every step in the process. Applications include circuit breakers, transfer switches, power distribution and other high-energy devices.

To insure the highest quality standards, PEP prepares its powder metal blends in-house with meticulous precision. Then these blends are pressed, sintered and infiltrated (or repressed) to attain a specific microstructure and mechanical and chemical properties in accordance with the customers’ requirements.

PEP has been manufacturing powdered metal contacts at a dedicated facility in Mexico for nearly a quarter of a century. This provides a highly cost-competitive manufacturing platform for PEP’s powder metal contact products. A culture of continuous improvement at this facility has resulted in strong engineering and technology support capabilities and an advanced manufacturing infrastructure that consistently delivers high-density powder metal contacts with superior micro-structures.

To discuss why PEP high-density powder metal contacts with superior micro-structures belong in your high energy device, email us at info@pep-corp.com or call (508) 226-1200. We’ll have a Precision Engineered Products Integrated Solutions Coordinator get back to you promptly.