Electrical Contacts

callout_electrical-contact-attachmentBrainin is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical contacts and contact assemblies. Brainin has electrical contact manufacturing solutions for every application, producing composite rivets, solid rivets, laminated welding buttons, powder metal contacts, and other designs to meet all electrical contact requirements. Electrical contact materials include silver cadmium oxide, silver tin oxide, fine silver, silver nickel, silver copper nickel and other precious metals. Our contacts are used in a broad range of power applications, from millivolts to kilovolts.

Over the years, Brainin has continually enhanced our expertise, production efficiency and global footprint to ensure we’re the electrical contacts supplier of choice to companies in every market.

Technology: Brainin’s manufacturing systems produce superior contacts that perform reliably in demanding electrical switching, control and connector applications. Brainin is so committed to providing the best value to our customers that when we weren’t satisfied with the output of our production equipment, we designed our own.

Complementary global operations: Brainin’s own metal stamping operations in the U.S., Mexico and China help ensure the finest quality electrical contact assemblies. In addition, Brainin operates a full-spectrum silver mill, a gold mill and a clad metal facility that are capable of supplying most of our specialty material needs.

Unparalleled expertise: We appreciate the opportunity to work with you regarding the electrical contact requirements for your specific application. Size, material, attachment, and even the mechanics of the finished electrical switch or device are all important factors in the design. Brainin also regularly works with customers to analyze contact composition and assembly to identify the root cause of contact failures. Our Research and Development Test Center can help predict conductivity and reliability outcomes across a range of circumstances.

Learn more about Brainin’s electrical contact assemblies, powder metal contacts, and other electrical contacts below. Helpful information is also available through our Electrical Contacts Fundamentals video series and the Troubleshooting Common Electrical Contacts Problems page.

photo_powder-metal-contactsPowder metal contacts

Brainin manufactures  powdered metal contacts in Mexico. This provides an exceptionally competitive cost production platform, with strong technology support and advanced manufacturing techniques that insure a consistent product with an excellent micro-structure and high density.

Brainin silver-tungsten, silver-tungsten carbide, copper-tungsten and other powder metal electrical contacts are produced with strict quality controls at every step in the process. We do material blending in-house: Carefully prepared powder blends are pressed, sintered and infiltrated (or repressed) to attain a specific microstructure and mechanical and chemical properties.

Applications include circuit breakers, transfer switches, power distribution and other high-energy devices.

photo_machined-contact-assembliesMachined contact assemblies

Brainin produces milled, bored and reamed hinges, both silver plated and unplated, for reliable transfer switch operation.

In addition, Brainin’s milled, counterbored and tapped brazed assemblies, forgings and extrusions, with copper braid attachments, provide cost-effective solutions for heavy-duty current interruption.

Other machining operations are available to manufacture metal parts in moderate volume for many applications.

All machined contact assemblies are carefully inspected and cleaned to eliminate the need for additional processing at your facility.

photo_composite-rivet-contactsComposite rivet contacts

When it comes to composite rivets, Brainin stands apart. Brainin can incorporate features others find challenging – such as large heads relative to shank size, and undercuts of the rivet head. Plus, our expert ability to control the distribution of silver contributes to making Brainin very cost competitive. Composite rivet electrical contacts are backed with either 110 or 102 copper.

High volume bimetal rivet contacts: Silver alloy or metal oxide on copper composite contact rivets made on high-speed six-station machines in one operation. Semi-tubular and chamfered shanks are available. High volume, quality parts at low cost.

Heavy duty bimetal rivet contacts: Composite rivets made by cold bonding a silver alloy or metal oxide contact face to a copper base in two fully-controlled, high force blows in a single operation. Designed to satisfy mid-high volume requirements for heavy duty electrical contact applications. The strongest bond available, at an attractive price.

Solid rivet contacts

Cold headed contacts made of fine silver, silver alloys and other precious and non-precious metals. Ideal for low volume applications, double-headed contacts and small diameter contacts that cannot be economically made as composites.

Welding button contacts

Brainin’s welding buttons contacts are ideal for higher temperature applications such as electrical appliance thermostats, motor protectors and other applications. Bimetal and trimetal contact buttons designed to be welded to a blade or terminal. Silver and other materials hot bonded providing a superior bond between layers. Buttons may have copper center layers with Monel® or nickel-plated steel backing. Large contacts can have a fine silver and solder back.