Specialized Parts and Assemblies

Brainin’s staff of product engineers, tool and die designers and manufacturing engineers provide technical support in the areas of part assembly design and applications engineering. We can help with the design of metal stamped parts and assemblies that are well-suited to economical manufacturing processes. Brainin continually develops innovative manufacturing techniques and technologies to provide our customers with the best component or assembly at the best price.

photo_brazed-contactsBrazed and welded assemblies

Brazed contact assemblies for heavy-duty electromechanical and other special applications. Furnace brazing, flame brazing and resistance brazing and welding techniques provide high-quality liquid phase bonds.

Mechanical assemblies

Staked and other mechanical assemblies offer cost-effective solutions to Brainin customers worldwide. Our engineering staff in will develop an assembly process specifically for your components and applications. We typically manufacture the components to be assembled but can also assemble customer-supplied or purchased components.

photo_welded-contact-assembliesWelded contact assemblies

Precious metal tape, wire or balls are welded directly to base metal strip and then stamped to form a finished contact assembly in one operation. Full automation permits tight process control for high volume production.

Rivetlay assemblies

Brainin’s electrical contact rivet/blade assembly process converts three operations into one: One automated operation forms the electrical contact from wire, rivets it to the base metal, and stamps the finished part.

photo_contact-assemblies-miscScrew machine parts

Precious metal, base metal and plastic machined parts made on automatic B & S and Swiss screw machines. These are subminiature to medium-size parts manufactured to precise specifications. Slip rings, studs, washers and other forms with intricate detail.

Four-slide stamping parts

Wire forms and other small parts with simple to complex bends. Longitudinal grain direction for superior performance.

Electrical contact stampings and tips

Stampings and coined tips manufactured from a wide variety of precious metal clad and solid materials. Round and rectangular tips with or without solder backing for heavy-duty contact applications.