Stainless Solar Cable Management Clips

Resolve Installation and Longevity Issues

Homeowners, institutions, and building managers have been installing solar panels in steadily growing numbers to reduce energy costs. There is no end in sight to this boom. Now that the first generations of these products has been in the field for many years, OEMs and installers are looking for better solutions to long-term product viability and installation efficiency.

One of the primary targets for this improvement process is the old standby cable tie. Ties are an inexpensive, one size fits all, solution to cable management. Through exposure to heat, sun and thermal cycling they are prone to wear out long before the panels actually need replacing. They cannot be designed to hold cable at an optimal angle to reduce fatigue and prolong cable life. They are not readily incorporated into an engineered approach to improved installation efficiency.

Custom designed solar panel cable management clips do all of the above.

Precision Engineered Products (PEP) has been working with a number of OEMs and wire & cable set manufacturers to produce cost-effective stainless steel solar cable management clips that are easier to install, provide better protection to the cable and last longer even in the face of prolonged exposure to heat, cold and moisture.

In their quest to develop better cable management solutions these OEMs and wire and cable set manufacturers are relying on PEP to:

    • Manufacture stainless clips, even those with complex geometries, precisely to design specifications.
      • Extend precision manufacturing processes with rugged tooling that maintains dimensional integrity for runs even into the millions
      • Incorporate proprietary integrated deburring methods to reduce sharp edges that can cut cable and installers.
  • Reduce time to market with simultaneous prototyping and tooling development.
  • Produce and deliver high-quality stainless clips from any of several locations worldwide. To learn more about this and other PEP contributions to the solar power industry Email us at or call (508) 226-1200. We’ll have a Precision Engineered Products Integrated Solutions Coordinator get back to you promptly.

PEP is eager to discuss, engineer to engineer, how we can step up to challenges of manufacturing the solar panel industry’s most advanced stainless solar cable management clip designs.