Electrical Contact Fundamentals

This video tutorial series provides an introduction to some of the concepts essential to designing electrical contact systems.  Sessions are presented by former CEO of Precision Engineered Products, Alan M. Huffenus.

For more information, you may also reference our Electrical Contacts and Assemblies page.

Attachment of electrical contacts

This session introduces engineers to electrical contact attachment methodology with regard to performance considerations of reliability, conductivity, thermal stability, and cost. Methods reviewed include contact rivets, contact buttons, wire welding, contact tape welding, and brazing.

Electrical contact erosion

This session explores issues associated with arc erosion of electrical contacts, with an emphasis on the primary means of erosion reduction. Topics reviewed include AC arc erosion and DC arc erosion.

Keeping contact resistance low

This session provides an overview of methods to reduce electrical contact resistance and therefore extend contact life. Topics reviewed include electrical contact force, mechanical wiping, electrical contact materials, and electrical contact geometry.